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Ha.....ha......ha......now Google is sensing the threat from Huawei

Due to the trade ban, Huawei’s new smartphone cannot get Play Protect certification, which is required to install Google application such as Play Store and other.

In this situation, Huawei has decided to ship its new smartphones with self Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and its own set of the application. In the meantime, there’s some news coming from Google’s corner that reveals something interesting.

While talking to DPA, Android and Google Play vice-president Sameer Samat Sameer Samat has revealed that Google has applied for a license to resume business with Huawei. However, Sameer didn’t reveal any other information regarding the license status.

This new means if Google gets approval from the U.S. government, future Huawei phones could come with Google Mobile Services (GMS), PlayStore and its applications such as Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, and more.

In May 2019, the US Commerce Department added Huawei into Entity-List, which prohibits all U.S. firms including Google from doing business with Huawei.

Following the halt of business between two big firms, Huawei begins developing its own app ecosystem – HMS to replace the requirement of GMS.

HMS incorporates Huawei’s chip, device and cloud capabilities, including a full portfolio of HMS Core services and related IDE tools platforms for development and testing, along with key applications for Huawei devices.

Huawei Mate 30 series was the first one to launch solely on HMS, followed by Huawei Mate Xs, Honor View30 Pro and Honor 9X Pro and more. Huawei commits to growing the HMS app ecosystem to a vast level.


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That's just amazing news, but also points in the direction what the US president wants.
Hopefully for both Google and Huawei it will eventually be approved as I think even Huawei wants business open as usual and keep making even more money.
As the article indicates..... Trump has no idea from one day to the next what he wants.

And what he wants is often not driven by traditional national or political interests.

And this is not very helpful to anybody.


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Seems to me if you have a monopoly & someone breaks free & sets up on their own & looks like succeeding, the monopoly no longer exists - If Google take it away once they can do it again?

Huawei is ahead of other competitors with 5 years in 5G networks. Also others are fighting for 5G when they are start working long time ago on 6G networks.
According to a couple of relatives in telecoms if Huawei don't do 5G in UK it wont get done - As for Huawei in the rest of the UK's landline & much of the internet is run by Huawei gear anyway, most of the ubiquitous green cabinets for internet in UK are Huawei - Of course other gear is now being used with shiny new badges stuck on.