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Google Chrome already allows users to sync their passwords when logged in with a Google account, but in a future update, the browser will provide additional controls to let them choose more specifically what passwords they want to be stored in the Google Account.

In other words, users will be able to select the passwords that aren’t supposed to leave their device, with the Google team already experimenting with several ideas to make this happen.

New password controls coming to Chrome users
One of them comes down to using badges that would be displayed in the settings screen, as discovered in a recent commit by ChromeStory.

“Show badges for local vs account passwords This CL adds badges to each password and exception item in chrome://settings/passwords that identify the storage location of the item (on this device, or in the Google Account). The badges only show up if the feature EnablePasswordsAccountStorage” is enabled (aka chrome://flags/#passwords-account-storage), and the user is opted in to the account-scoped password storage,” the commit reads.

Further information reveals that Google Chrome will allow users to choose where to save each password, and dedicated icons that will be displayed next to each password will help determine whether they are saved on a device or in the cloud.

For the time being, there’s still no ETA as to when this feature could roll out to production devices, but an early implementation in the Canary builds of Chrome should make its way to testers later this year.