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Apr 24, 2016
Earlier this year, Google announced that it was moving to a four-week release cycle for Chrome, shortening the duration between releases for consumers. The change is slated to be made with Chrome version 94. Today, the company announced its plans for Chrome OS and the release schedule changes coming to it.

The company says that it will be moving Chrome OS to the four-week release cycle starting with version 96, which is expected to make it to users sometime in late November. Chrome version 94, on the other hand, is expected to roll out in the stable channel in the third week of September, with the corresponding Chrome OS version slated to release in the week of October 14. Keeping in mind these schedules, the search giant says that it will be skipping Chrome version 95 completely to “bridge the gap” between version 94 and 96.

The firm also revealed that it will be introducing a new six-month update cadence for enterprise and educations users of the OS. This is likely aimed at focusing more on stability and security, and less on feature additions. The firm, however, has not provided much information in this regard. A similar eight-week Extended stable option is also planned for the browser.

Google’s Marina Kazatcker adds:

As we head into our next decade, these changes enable us to evolve Chrome OS to keep helping people get things done and to provide more helpful and secure experiences.

It will not be surprising to see other Chromium-based browsers – such as Microsoft’s Edge – skip version 95 as well, coinciding with Chrome’s release schedule. However, Edge’s release schedule page is yet to mention any changes to the schedule.


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Aug 19, 2019
Edge will be following the same schedule,

"Starting with Stable channel version 94, Microsoft Edge is moving to a 4-week major release cycle cadence. However, we recognize that enterprise customers who manage complex environments need more time to plan and test Microsoft Edge updates. To help our enterprise customers who need an extended timeline to manage updates, Microsoft Edge will offer an Extended Stable option aligned to a longer, 8-week major release cycle; this option will only be available for customers with managed environments."