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Aug 17, 2017

At its heart, the Guardian Mobile Firewall — currently in a closed beta — funnels all of an iPhone or iPad’s internet traffic through an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) tunnel to Guardian’s servers, outsourcing all of the filtering and enforcement to the cloud to help reduce performance issues on the device’s battery. It means the Guardian app can near-instantly spot if another app is secretly sending a device’s tracking data to a tracking firm, warning the user or giving the option to stop it in its tracks. The aim isn’t to prevent a potentially dodgy app from working properly, but to give users’ awareness and choice over what data leaves their device.

Strafach described the app as “like a junk email filter for your web traffic,” and you can see from of the app’s dedicated tabs what data gets blocked and why. A future version plans to allow users to modify or block their precise geolocation from being sent to certain servers. Strafach said the app will later tell a user how many times an app accesses device data, like their contact lists.

But unlike other ad and tracker blockers, the app doesn’t use overkill third-party lists that prevent apps from working properly. Instead, taking a tried-and-tested approach from the team’s own research. The team periodically scans a range of apps in the App Store to help identify problematic and privacy-invasive issues that are fed to the app to help improve over time. If an app is known to have security issues, the Guardian app can alert a user to the threat. The team plans to continue building machine learning models that help to identify new threats — including so-called “aggressive ads” — that hijack your mobile browser and redirect you to dodgy pages or apps.

Full Story A new ‘smart firewall’ iPhone app promises to put your privacy before profits
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Jan 8, 2011
UPDATE: Pre-order coming soon 14th June 2019

Yesterday, I received the TestFlight invitation for the Guardian Firewall for iOS.

Company Homepage: Coming Soon: Guardian Mobile Firewall
App Landing page: Guardian Mobile Firewall

App Store: ‎Guardian Firewall
This content may change without notice and the final product may be different.

Download and press “Protect” to block invasive trackers and malware, thwart data interception via use of strong encryption, and finally put an end to mobile webpage snatchers as you browse the web.

Guardian Mobile Firewall efficiently filters your network traffic using our proprietary datasets to provide you with a far more secure mobile experience, while ensuring you are not blocked from doing what you need. You can now more confidently grant permissions to any mobile applications you’d like, with the knowledge that Guardian Mobile Firewall will work to automatically stop any attempts to send your information to data tracking services and/or other unknown sources.

  • Add an extra layer of strong encryption to all network data, protecting passwords and sensitive information
  • Browse the web to your heart’s content, never again enduring a forced redirection to a “Congratulations!” scam
  • Stop companies from tracking your phone usage habits and location information
  • Use apps more confidently as we filter out the junk, transparently giving you a safer experience
  • Our cutting-edge threat intelligence data is updated daily to ensure we can effectively cut off tracking, phishing, malware, and all other cyber threats
  • Get a “bank statement” style list in the Alerts tab of who attempted to collect your information and potential daily whereabouts
  • Track data flows and usage, with the ability to cut off excessive data consumers
  • Block traffic for custom user-defined hostnames and IP addresses
  • Be alerted when the presence of insecure or malicious apps has been detected
  • Find out when unusual traffic is detected, allowing discovery of potential new types of data trackers or malware
Please contact with any questions, concerns, or reports of potential security issues.

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