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Sep 10, 2015
Today I present you a "better" way to debloat Windows 10, instead of running a script after installing Windows 10 we can optimize the installation media using this awesome tool called Optimize-Offline

A working Windows 10 machine (haven't tested on older versions)
An original Windows 10 ISO, it doesn't matters if it's .wim or .esd

1. Download the latest release (.zip file) and extract it
2. Copy the ISO to the same folder
3. Edit the configuration.json, I used the following settings for this guide

"_Info": [
"This is a JSON based Configuration file for Optimize-Offline.",
"Ensure proper formatting is used when editing the JSON parameter values.",
"Boolean parameter values use true and false. String parameter values must be enclosed in double-quotes."
"SourcePath": "C:\\Users\\Victor\\Downloads\\Optimize-Offline-\\Optimize-Offline-\\Win10_2004_Spanish_x64.iso",
"WindowsApps": "Whitelist",
"SystemApps": false,
"Capabilities": false,
"Packages": false,
"Features": false,
"DeveloperMode": false,
"WindowsStore": false,
"MicrosoftEdge": false,
"Win32Calc": false,
"Dedup": true,
"DaRT": "Setup",
"Registry": true,
"Additional": {
"Setup": false,
"Wallpaper": false,
"SystemLogo": false,
"LockScreen": false,
"RegistryTemplates": false,
"LayoutModification": false,
"Unattend": false,
"Drivers": false,
"NetFx3": true
"ISO": "No-Prompt"

Don't forget to edit SourcePath to the absolute path of your ISO file

In my config you can see that WindowsApps parameter is set to whitelist, those UWP apps that will be preserved during the debloat process.
By default it includes the Store and some of it's dependencies, I added the UWP Camera, Calendar and Calculator as well as the HEIF plugin but you can edit it as you want.

List of bundled UWP (Appx) packages in a default Windows 10 install

"DisplayName": [

So now let's run the script

4. Open a Poweshell window as admin and type:
powershell -ep bypass -file "the path to your Start-Optimize.ps1"

5. If your ISO contains multiple editions you will be prompted to choose one, I chose Windows 10 Pro and click Accept


The debloating process will start

Captura de pantalla (87).png

6. At the end it will ask you to choose a compression method, I chose Fast for convenience

Captura de pantalla (91).png

7. Once it finishes, a new folder will be created in the same directory, this contains the generated ISO and some logs


You can check the logs and see the applied changes

Running Module : Optimize-Offline
Optimize Start : 06/05/2020 01:41:20
Identity Name : Victor
Computer Name : DESKTOP-V192I6O

2020-06-05T13:41:20 [INFO]: Supported Image Build: [19041]
2020-06-05T13:41:23 [INFO]: Mounting Windows 10 Pro
2020-06-05T13:42:35 [INFO]: Mounting Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)
2020-06-05T13:42:53 [INFO]: Pre-Optimization Image Health State: [Healthy]
2020-06-05T13:43:01 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: CortanaApp.View.App
2020-06-05T13:43:05 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.BingWeather
2020-06-05T13:43:08 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.GetHelp
2020-06-05T13:43:12 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Getstarted
2020-06-05T13:43:16 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer
2020-06-05T13:43:20 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub
2020-06-05T13:43:24 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection
2020-06-05T13:43:28 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes
2020-06-05T13:43:31 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MixedReality.Portal
2020-06-05T13:43:35 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MSPaint
2020-06-05T13:43:39 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Office.OneNote
2020-06-05T13:43:43 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.People
2020-06-05T13:43:46 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ScreenSketch
2020-06-05T13:43:50 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.SkypeApp
2020-06-05T13:43:54 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00
2020-06-05T13:43:56 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Wallet
2020-06-05T13:43:59 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WebMediaExtensions
2020-06-05T13:44:03 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WebpImageExtension
2020-06-05T13:44:06 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsAlarms
2020-06-05T13:44:10 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps
2020-06-05T13:44:14 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub
2020-06-05T13:44:18 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsMaps
2020-06-05T13:44:22 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder
2020-06-05T13:44:25 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI
2020-06-05T13:44:29 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxApp
2020-06-05T13:44:32 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay
2020-06-05T13:44:36 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay
2020-06-05T13:44:39 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxSpeechToTextOverlay
2020-06-05T13:44:43 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.YourPhone
2020-06-05T13:44:47 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ZuneMusic
2020-06-05T13:44:51 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ZuneVideo
2020-06-05T13:44:54 [INFO]: Disabling Services, Drivers and Integration Content for Removed Apps.
2020-06-05T13:44:56 [INFO]: Importing Custom App Associations.
2020-06-05T13:45:06 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2Root
2020-06-05T13:45:10 [INFO]: Applying Optimized Registry Settings.
2020-06-05T13:45:26 [INFO]: Enabling Optional Feature: NetFx3
2020-06-05T13:46:10 [INFO]: Cleaning-up the Start Menu Layout.
2020-06-05T13:46:13 [INFO]: Creating a Package Summary Log.
2020-06-05T13:46:20 [INFO]: Post-Optimization Image Health State: [Healthy]
2020-06-05T13:46:23 [INFO]: Saving and Dismounting Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)
2020-06-05T13:46:50 [INFO]: Rebuilding and Exporting Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)
2020-06-05T13:46:58 [INFO]: Saving and Dismounting Windows 10 Pro
2020-06-05T13:51:04 [INFO]: Rebuilding and Exporting Windows 10 Pro using Fast compression.
2020-06-05T13:53:20 [INFO]: Optimizing the Installation Media File Structure.
2020-06-05T13:53:21 [INFO]: Creating a No-Prompt Bootable Windows Installation Media ISO.
2020-06-05T13:53:43 [INFO]: Finalizing Optimizations.
2020-06-05T13:53:43 [INFO]: Optimize-Offline completed in [12] minutes with [0] errors.

Optimizations Finalized : 06/05/2020 01:53:43

Disabling Cortana and Search Bar Web Connectivity.
Disabling System Telemetry, Logging, Data Collecting and Advertisements.
Disabling Windows Tracking.
Disabling System Location Sensors.
Disabling the Password Reveal Button.
Disabling Cross-Device Sharing and Shared Experiences.
Disabling WiFi Sense.
Disabling Microsoft Toast and Lockscreen Notifications.
Disabling Connected Drive Autoplay and Autorun.
Disabling Automatic Download File Blocking.
Disabling the Modern UI Swap File.
Disabling Reserved Storage.
Disabling the Automatic Clean-up of Downloads by Storage Sense.
Disabling the First Log-on Animation.
Disabling the Windows Start-up Sound.
Disabling the Get More out of Windows Start-up Notification.
Enabling the Search Icon on Taskbar.
Enabling the Driver Letter before Drive Name.
Optimizing Taskbar Icons and Transparency.
Enabling File Explorer Launch to This PC.
Disabling Wallpaper .JPEG Quality Reduction.
Disabling the Sign-in Screen Acrylic Blur.
Disabling the Trailing Text for Shortcuts.
Enabling Command Prompt on the Win+X Quick Link Menu.
Disabling Microsoft Edge Desktop Shortcut Creation and Pre-Launching.
Disabling Pinned Windows Store, Windows Mail and People Icons.
Reducing Start Menu Delay.
Enabling TaskBar Icon Combining with Small Icons.
Disabling the Open File Prompt.
Enabling the Classic Personalization Panel.
Enabling This PC Desktop Icon.
Removing Edit with Paint 3D and 3D Print from the Context Menu.
Restoring Windows Photo Viewer.
Removing User Folders from Explorer.
Increasing the Icon Cache Size.
Disabling the Sticky Keys Prompt.
Disabling Enhanced Pointer Precision.
Removing Give Access To, Share and Cast To Device from the Context Menu.
Removing Restore Previous Versions from the Context Menu.
Adding Reboot to Recovery to This PC.
Enabling Long File Paths.
Enabling Strong Cryptography for .NET Applications.

8. Enjoy!

I installed the generated ISO in a VM and it's working good


Further notes
By default the configuration.json is set to ask which Components, Services and Features you want to remove or enable respectively
You can find the documentation here

PD: If I made a mistake or a typo feel free to tell me
-Greetings @geminis3

I'm not responsible for any damage or data loss caused by following the procedures described in this guide
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