Hacking Game, Watch Dogs Legion Hacked; Source Code Leaked


Staff member
Jan 8, 2011
As we’ve already reported, in October 2020, ransomware gang “Egregor” has leaked data that it had obtained from the internal networks of Crytek and Ubisoft. And it appears that the source code for Watch Dogs Legion has been leaked online. The source code for this triple-A game is around 560GB, and it’s already available for download on various private trackers.
But what can the average PC Joe expect from the leak of Watch Dogs Legion’s source code? Well, for starters, mods. By accessing the source code, modders may find a way to enable mods for this game. Not only that but, by having access to the source code, modders could possibly further optimize the game.

Furthermore, cracking groups may also find a way to crack the game’s anti-piracy measures.