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30 to 39 years old
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More than 2 years ago
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My name is Karsten. I have been working as malware analyst for G DATA for more than five years. This is a private account, though, I don't represent my employer.
I am also part of an international anti-ransomware group (together with, e.g., Fabian Wosar and Michael Gillespie). So if you have ransomware questions, I am probably a good contact person.

I am quite active on Twitter: @struppigel
And post sometimes videos on Youtube about Malware Analysis: MalwareAnalysisForHedgehogs

I might not look like it, but I am older than 30 :p

Thanks to miyagi for showing me this forum.

Best regards


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Welcome on board Karsten! It's always a value to see someone in the malware industry who has knowledge of what is happening and explain from a professional point of view. Hope you can share something but we all know you guys are very busy so we'll be patient. Thanks for joining! :)

Oh and time to test/use GDATA during long days at home. :love: For those in the U.S., they have a special discount for their product. Details can be found in the GDATA thread. Enjoy.