App Review Heimdal Thor Premium Security 2023

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Sep 2, 2021
Heimdal is a Danish publisher offering its Thor solution.
Explaining that it offers a "Next-Gen" antivirus It is based on the Avira engine.
The product offers different levels of shields such as Threat Prevention or Vigilance that we will talk about later...

Interface: 9,5/10

Heimdal's interface is very nice and adaptable to novices or experts.
Many choices are available, although it is not always explicit (especially when you want to see what a protection corresponds to) but help is available.
Half a point taken away because Heimdal displays NO alert when I ran the malware when testing the URLs.

Protection:9/9 Web / Fake crack 1/1 Remains 21 threats on 558 malware / PC Infected after Malware Pack

Even though Heimdal didn't block any URLs with its web filtering, it was able to block the downloaded samples (I had occasional freezes when I ran while Heimdal analyzed the file and blocked it) . However, there are no alerts, which is a shame.

On the malware pack, Heimdal disappointed me a lot.
Although it uses Avira, it doesn't exploit its full potential (it uses the Avira SDK) and this is a problem of all "assembler" AVs that use third party antivirus engines...
It does not have advanced protections and lets the machine get infected very quickly.
The Emotet Trojan is even present!

Result :
Heimdal : 0
NPE: 14
KVRT : 34 - infection in memory !
ESET : 3 - Infection in memory (Emotet, VBS agent, Multiple Detections)

Recommand : No
System Clean : No system infected

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Feb 7, 2023
Not sure how it scored these 9/9 on web protection when I quickly opened about 10-15 urls and Heimdal Thor merely blocked one. It seems like on this test it had a very good day. The bad result I witnessed could only be compared to Panda, as I have never seen such a weak protection anywhere.

If anybody wants I can demonstrate it on a video too.

This product is an absolute joke and for a paid solution, a complete rip-off. I can only advise to be avoided. Better security can be achieved by installing literally everyone else.
I am also really curious about the “Next-Gen” antivirus engine, the Avira engine is mostly signatures and the AHEAD heuristics that have been around 20 years+.

If Heimdal is serious about what they do, urgently they need to redirect portion of their revenue to a third-party threat intelligence feed (or feeds) and they need to have a look at the Avira engine settings. Most likely by default they use lowest level of heuristic aggressiveness.
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Mar 19, 2022
I would never install this as the first line of protection on a laptop.
In general, I personally advise against installing such inventions.
Of course, I do not want to create a storm among users, but I do not recommend it.

Thank you @Shadowra for your dedication and testing the product.

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