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May 7, 2021
Hi, I'm new here.
After reading several posts and tips on malware via malware tips, the posts were very informative, hence the opportunity to know more about these "viruses" was to join a platform to learn from the experts.

I hope to know more, since my interests in fighting viruses keeps growing, especially trojan viruses.
Thanks for the privilege, etaq


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May 7, 2021
Welcome to MalwareTips! You are in the right place for learning about malware. What got you interested in it?
A friend's pc got infected with trojan virus, of the form "syswin" some time ago , making research I found out trojans are hardly detected by antivirus software because they either stick to the system OS acting as a system file, or they keep refreshing the signatures

We were able to remove the virus, delete its registry entry and stop all its processes

Recently another friend's pc has been infected with one "csrss.exe" trojan virus, which attaches itself to the original Csrss (Client Server Runtime Process) file from Windows registry, so finding that "csrss.exe" is another form of trojan, I wanted to know more of these malwares