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Hi, I'm from
Age group
21 to 29 years old
Last known PC infection
More than 2 years ago
Favourite web browser
Mozilla Firefox
Favourite desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite antivirus
Qihoo 360
Favourite videogame(s)
Minecraft or Starcraft BroodWar


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Welcome to MT, OpenSecLabs!
Why do you choose Qihoo 360 over other well-known AV suites? I suppose you have some very good reasons because of your expertise in security research.


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I love Avira Free (the new cloud option in free version is amazing, it helps a little) but Qihoo IS, TS has a good protection, the QVM 2 Engine is amazing, VS 0-Day and infected PC it is more effective Qihoo, the Proactive Defense will ask you (a lot) but for me it is not an issue.

Qihoo IS, TS it reminds me of ThreatFire (Proactive Defense from Qihoo)

EDIT: Thank you people for the friendly welcome
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