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Hi, I'm from
Age group
Under 20 years old
Last known PC infection
More than 2 years ago
Favourite web browser
Mozilla Firefox
Favourite mobile OS
Apple iOS
Favourite desktop OS
Favourite antivirus
G Data
Favourite videogame(s)
Diablo III

Alex BK

Level 2
Hello guys,

Been a MT visitor for a while, but joining this site is something you really need to do if you like topics like malware research, or online security... I'm pleased to be here and I will surely learn new things about malware, because we never know enough...Right? :)
I also like these channels, you should really subscribe:
Forgot to mention that I was a beta tester for Avira some time ago, and for G Data a couple of months ago.



New Member
I'm from: Vietnam
Age: 33
Computer Knowledge: Advanced
Last known malware infection: I've known for a very lasting
Browser Battle: CocCoc (made in Vietnam) vs Internet Explorer vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs Mozilla Firefox
Smartphone battle: Android vs iOS
Operating system battle: Mac OS X vs. Windows:
Favorite Antivirus: Avast vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender vs Mc Afee
All-Time Favorite Game: warcraft 3 frozen throne
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