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North America
Over 40 years
Recent Malware Infection
So long I can't even remember
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Google Chrome
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Best Game in the World
N/A not a Gamer :(


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Hello community! I have been invovled in computers since before the creation of the PC. I was introduced to computing around 1974 / 1975 in High School via dial up to a main frame. It wasn't till the 80's that I got to do any more work with them starting with the Apple IIe which the company I worked for sold as add-on to diagnostic medical equipment. We also started using them in the office with Apple Works. Then as the x86 won the PC battle, we were selling laptops for automated reporting of medical results. From there I went on to become Cisco CNA certified as well as CompTIA: Networking+, Security+, and Storage+. I currently run my own business supplying IT to small medical offices.
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