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Hello and welcome to MalwareTips.

Hope that you enjoy your stay.

The first stop that we recommend is the PC Security Configuration Wizard so that we can give you feedback on your configuration.

Have a look around the forum. You will learn quite a few new things here ;)

Once again welcome :)


Welcome to the forums. How did you find MalwareTips? Were you searching for an infection removal?
:welcomewave: to the forums.
How did you find out about MT?
I recommend you go to the Security Configuration Wizard (McLovin put the link in his post)


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Well actually I was searching on removing malware professionally. Always on the lookout for that great guide/tutorial that demonstrates the removal process using Process Explorer or Autoruns. Anything like that. Stumbled across you guys, liked what I saw. Figured If I hung around here for a while I might learn something. I'm not a newbie for sure, but my virus removal skills are mostly dependent on the latest programs out there and what little experience I have had with viruses, which thank God has not been much.
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