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30 to 39 years
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Google Chrome
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Windows 10
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I don't know, could do with some help on this one.


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Hi everyone, my computer have been acting strange recently and I'm worried. When looking for solutions I came across this site, I'm looking forward to getting to grips with it and gaining some knowledge. Just a bit worried about being such a novice, but everyone's got to start somewhere I guess.


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Your introduction was very well said, Elvanne. Sometimes, I still find myself worrying about being a newbie!:D In many ways, I think, we are all novices at whatever we may find ourselves doing that is new to us.o_O So, from one 'novice' to another, it's a pleasure to say "Hi" and welcome you to our community where (Thank Goodness):cool: there are many non-newbies here whom know all about many in depth aspects of all things computer related.:D Even those of us who didn't know very much when we first joined have irresistibly absorbed more knowledge than we can keep to ourselves, and just have to help others to order to avoid exploding!:p;) *kidding* You will find lots of help here, and it'll be quite fun too, you'll see.:):)


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Welcome to MT. Me too I feel like a noobie surrounded by experts, don't worry you'll enjoy their company. Folks here are nice
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