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I'm from
21 to 29 years
Recent Malware Infection
Less than a month ago
Favorite Browser
Google Chrome
Favorite Mobile OS
Favourite Desktop OS
Favourite Antivirus
Common sense
Best Game in the World
Dwarf Fortress


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I'm Amaet and I have a bit of a morbid fascination with malware. I'm terrified of it but also find it fascinating, much like computers in general. They are like life forms, but not biological, and it's fascinating and inspiring to me since I'm an artist and an aspiring video game developer. In fact I wanna make alien worlds inspired by computer architecture.

I've been a Mac OS user for years but only recently I heard of new malware that targets Macs so I'm more on guard now. I don't think I will post much, since I'm here mostly to get informed on the newest threats. Both for security and inspiration!
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