Expired Hideaway VPN [for 1 Year]

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Apr 2, 2021
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Apr 3, 2021
How to get a license
-Visit The Promotion Page (German)
-Scroll Down The Bottom Of The Page ->Under "Hinweis",You Will See The Promo Link
Direct Promo Link [SIZE=4][I][URL='https://x.chip.de/external/link/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fsecure.firetrust.com%2Fcart%2Fitems%2Fobf%2F1d7GgqiU0c3cgYzK1qHJiprK0djRy1rW5OHOkGXI2MrgtpA%3D&c=42adb73a7d2019e58561e396b666f228'][I]Here[/I][/URL][/I][/SIZE]
-Enter Your First Name,Last Name & Valid Email Address then Click Submit

enjoy :)


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Mar 15, 2019

HideAway reinvents and improves the VPN by adding flexible rules, faster speeds and an ‘Always on’ capability, while at the same time giving users a secure connection, privacy and simultaneous access to your favorite sites around the world.

HideAway has been engineered from the ground up to be as fast as possible. In many cases your internet speed will get faster as HideAway has been optimized with many clever techniques to get the most speed out of your connection. Check out the speed tests on the right - HideAway absolutely blitzes other well known VPNs in speed comparisons. In real world tests, HideAway is on average 3-7 times faster than OpenVPN and 2-5 times faster than Wireguard.

HideAway adapts to the latest technology. Now days web browsers are using faster protocls like QUIC to get the most speed out of web browsing and HideAway automatically uses it where as other VPNs can't.

We only use fast servers based on major internet backbones. But we can get away with using cheap cloud servers without seeing any reduction in speed and then pass the cost savings on to you. If other VPNs try and use inexpensive cloud servers, it really shows with a reduction in speed. In fact, HideAway is so efficient, when a HideAway server is running at full bandwidth capacity it only uses 10% of one cpu.

HideAway uses the same encryption that Google Services use on mobile, so it's been engineered for speed and security. It runs at extremely high speeds and ensures confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. You can read more info in the FAQ's.

When we use the internet, most of what we do is unencrypted so it’s easy to spy on what we do online at work, home or in public. HideAway masks your IP address with our anonymous IP addresses and encrypts your internet traffic, so your ISP, Government and hackers will have no idea what you’re doing or what websites you're visiting. The added benefit is that websites and internet services can no longer track you.

We didn’t build any logging capability in to the software, so we can't even turn logging on. So we can’t be compelled to hand over any information as we have nothing since the logging capability doesn't exist!

When you connect via our high speed servers, you can use as much data as you like - there are no limits, even with torrents. (You still need to pay your own ISP data charges though). Additionally, our servers won’t get bogged down because as an option HideAway logs you in for most bandwidth intensive services like video, then uses your own ISP’s connection to stream the bandwidth intensive content.

Download torrents as much as you like. There's no limit and it's really fast!

If you lose your internet connection, HideAway will cut the connection so that your real IP address and information is not leaked.

Automatically secured against IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leaks.

Product Homepage:

System Requirements:
Windows 7,8,8.1,10
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ForgottenSeer 67480

Is it worth of trust? Or I should use KeepSolid VPN instead? I've got free one year license key and my friends already tested this software. They had more worst connection than introduced on their videos. I need your review as well, dear community.

ForgottenSeer 91276

Is it worth of trust? Or I should use KeepSolid VPN instead? I've got free one year license key and my friends already tested this software. They had more worst connection than introduced on their videos. I need your review as well, dear community.
Firetrust is a trusted vendor. They are the makers of the excellent and popular MailWasher. I have been using HideAway for over six months now. It is fast and works well.

The review is of Hideway and not HideAway posted here.


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Aug 4, 2016
Well: I've given this a try as I like walk on the wild side sometimes? It's beyond common understanding, it connects instantly, it's simple to bypass mail, you can easily redirect any number of browsers or your whole PC & the don't redirect my email is always there (a must for me) - It gives a connection speed almost the same as my ISP with no slowdown, there doesn't appear to be any DNS leaks, there don't seem to be so far issues with any sites - it seems to be beyond the perfect VPN - What's the catch?? (I don't like the tray icon though)

Edit: There are no additional connections in Networking/The PC doesn't think it has a VPN & there are no additional drivers I can see installed :unsure:
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Dec 4, 2014
I just tried it very briefly. For me, it did not live up to it claims of fast speed, as I saw a considerable drop in speed. This is why I uninstalled it. I'm back to using Windscribe, which gives me a very minimal drop in speed.

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