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Jan 11, 2011

Hitman Pro UTM for Network Devices

Today's home and business networks are under attack from an ever-expanding universe of malware and other web threats. More and more of these threats are focused on financial gain, and hackers have learned to avoid detection by single-layer signature-based antivirus solutions. Hitman Pro UTM adds a crucial first line of defense to home and business networks, creating a defense-in-depth strategy.

Introducing Real-time Embedded Protection

Hitman Pro UTM delivers comprehensive in-line threat prevention by blocking malware and other forms of malicious and fraudulent web content at the gateway. Hitman Pro UTM harnesses its cloud computing approach into a purpose-built solution, fortifying any network with a layered defense strategy. It supports virtually any number of antimalware engines while offering unsurpassed performance and the lowest hardware requirements, resulting in a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. It protects every network from viruses, malware and other forms of malicious content – even extending protection to devices and users who are not running antivirus software.


Defense-in-Depth using the Cloud

Hitman Pro UTM provides an integrated, single-appliance solution with multiple antimalware scanning engines from different vendors. The revolutionary patent-pending scanning technology IntRapid, represents an industry first by detecting and blocking malware using the cloud in a single pass. It leverages a uniform signature format for all malware and ensures fast processing by performing analysis in a single integrated scan. The uniform signature format in combination with our cloud scanning technology eliminates many redundant processes common to single and multiple scanning engine solutions and in doing so, improves performance. The IntRapid-based scanning and blocking process begins as soon as the first packets of the file are received, thereby eliminating the latency issues associated with the traditional batch-based and stream-based approaches.

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Apr 17, 2011
Cool I'd like to check is out but Sitecom website is down.


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Jan 8, 2011
The website is up for me. :)

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