Level 11
Is there anyway to buy both HitmanPro Alert and HitmanPro in a bundle or is it not necessary ? I want real time protection and on demand protection for different pcs.


Level 22
@show-Zi HitmanPro doesn't need to be activated if you're just using it for permanent on-demand. Only the removal feature requires a license :)
Thank you for your reply!:D
My words may have been wrong a bit.
Hitman only saw a trial version available only for 30 days, so I wanted to know if there is a free version that can be used like ZAM or MBAM.:geek:


Level 28
Or buy Sophos Intercept X I think it is basically Hitman Pro plus Hitman Pro Alert.
Sophos Endpoint Protection + Sophos Intercept X:


Intercept X is basically Hitman Pro Alert, not sure why Sophos isn't renaming stuff
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