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    HitMan Pro.Alert -- I fear this is posted incorrectly & in the wrong place, if so I am sorry - I've been using HitmanPro.Alert for a few months but having issues with it blocking O&O SafeErase I use for deleting some semi-confidential files, but which really could do with overwriting. I have added O&O to 'Exploit Mitigations/Exclude yet still at a time HitMan feels inclined O&O is blocked & the delete fails. I have tried adding each & every file in the O&O folder to no avail. I did try using a free program 'Eraser' yet I have the same results. Anyone else had a similar issue? All other programs added to exclude have worked fine.
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    Best to post on the official support thread:
    HitmanPro.ALERT Support and Discussion Thread
    If I remember right, this is a known problem.
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    What alert does it show when HMP.A blocks the program? Is it cryptoguard?
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