Security News How AI Can Help Organizations Adapt and Recover From Cyberattacks


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Mar 13, 2022
The number of successful cyberattacks impacting organizations continues to increase, with recent high-profile breaches such as UK outsourcing firm and government contractor Capita incurring recovery costs of up to £20 million.

Generative AI is allowing attackers to innovate and escalate their approach. Darktrace researchers observed a 135% increase in "novel social engineering attacks" across thousands of active customers from January to February 2023 (based on the average change in email attacks detected across Darktrace customers' email deployments). With that in mind, organizations should focus more than ever on their cyber resilience — namely, their ability to withstand, adapt, and recover from cyberattacks that have achieved initial access. Yet the gap between the growing numbers of successful attacks and effective approaches to recovery continues to widen.

Within this context, security teams need help to prepare, recover, and adapt confidently to cyber incidents, and new developments in AI are offering promising signs that they can do so.

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