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Apr 16, 2017

In this video I will be showing you how just by yourself, you are able to utterly DESTROY a phishing or scam website by reporting it to a whole bunch of antivirus and cybersecurity companies. If you get into a good rhythm, you can easily report it to all of them in just a couple of minutes. And often times, just a few minutes later these companies will detect the scam and flag it. This will alert potential victims if they check the domain name on VirusTotal, or the site should hopefully become totally blocked by Google and Microsoft by default, effectively killing the scam site.

Sites to Report Malicious URLs:


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Feb 7, 2023
I’ve been doing it for quite some time, but it takes ages to report, review, block (except for Bitdefender who seem to know me and do it right away) and it takes minutes for them to set a new scam website up.
Some vendors refuse to block these sites, @SeriousHoax was previously told by Kaspersky that they can’t block such websites without court order.
Heuristics are hard to develop for detection of these websites as there is no brand impersonation and because they run on Shopify they already have the HTTPS certificate.

Attempting to report to Shopify is even worse, it takes them more than a month to take such a website down. The whole situation is just a disgrace.

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