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I am actually trialing Bitdefender paid version, just asking because my trial is over in 89 days. Is Bitdefender Free a very good alternative? Does it have Photon, Idle Scan, Active Virus Control, etc? Note that I am actually on an Emsisoft subscription, which is going to expire in 147 days. Also, I just need protection until Black Friday because I will get a new computer then.


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it have all the futures from the paid version only photon isnt in it(that says the bd staff) but for me, its using for sure some caching,fingerprint system). I dont know why almost all saying that this free av is bad. Its the best av for a user who just dont know nothing. He cant make anything wrong. Set and forget, for real. Some ppl saying its alrdy not delovement anymore. But i dont think so, u still get every 1-2 hours signatur updates, the Forum for the free version is still opend and the detections is as good as the paid version. Sometimes the detections is even better(maybe because its more cloud based than the paid av from bitdefender). If u have a emsisoft key, use EIS9. The behavour blocker is top notch from eis.


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I have noticed on quite a no of occasions people criticizing Bitdefender to be buggy and heavy etc. For me and my experience, Its one of the good options available. The free version is also good and extremely light on system resources. Thumbs Up!!! doesn't have photon technology, I'm pretty sure about least according from what I read
BD free is a good option, it's light and stable (some people even said it's a cloud AV that's why it's light) the beta version has a bug that if BD free detected any FP's item then it's impossible to restore, but for now they fixed it already. My suggestion is just stick with Emsisoft till expired, and if you really want to use BD free, just keep in mind BD free is an Av that almost cannot being configured, everything on it it's automatic, no need to configure and anything, I think it would be a great idea for anyone who doesn't want to messed up with these things, but for an engineer or would likely to be disappointed, but apart from's pretty good program and has a same signature with the paid version (BD staff said that)
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Stick with Emsisoft until it expires, no need to switch now.;)
This is my best choice, as I think. Emsisoft is still a solid AV product, but my Malwarebytes isn't working so it is my only protection (other than Zemana and Hitman Pro). I think that is quite risky.

Something I can't depend on, but probably more Bitdefender products are going to be given away:D
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