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Jul 27, 2015
Do you ever find yourself scrolling endlessly through webpages, searching for the information you need? Or maybe you’ve struggled to come up with a clever tweet or the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other? Well, fear not, because with the help of generative AI Prompts in Opera Browser, you can enhance your browsing experience and brainstorm ideas like never before.

AI Prompts is an early-access feature that connects you to Generative AI services, like ChatGPT and ChatSonic in your Opera Browser. When you highlight text on any webpage, contextual prompts related to the text appear, like Shorten, Explain this, or Write a tweet. Clicking a prompt will open up the AI in your sidebar, where you can see its response and continue the conversation. You can also click the AI Prompts button in the address bar for prompts related to the content on the current website.

This feature not only gives you direct access to Generative AI services, but also lets you connect online content to the AI chat with relevant and useful suggestions. From finding concise information to generating unique content and ideas, it’s easy to make use of AI Prompts and get the most out of your time online. And once you’ve started the conversation, you can get help from the AI on anything you need. So let’s take a look at what you can do with Generative AI, along with some useful examples to get you started.

AI Prompts for research and understanding

Browsing webpages for concise information is tricky. Articles can take forever to get to the point, and you usually have to wade through shameless self-promotion before you get there. 😇 Thankfully, AIs are great at compiling information and simplifying complex ideas. If you’re using AI Prompts in Opera, you might see suggested prompts like Explore this, Find related content, Compare to alternatives. And when you’re chatting with the AI directly, here’s a few suggestions that will help you get the rhythm of it. Try them out with difficult subjects, like the stock market, modern art, evolution, calculus, etc.
  • Please explain [subject] to me in an easy-to-understand way.
  • What are different perspectives on [subject]?
  • What are the main benefits and drawbacks of [subject]?
  • What’s the latest news on [subject]?
  • Can you explain that again in different words?
  • Please explain that again using an analogy.

AI Prompts for finding specific information

Don’t want to spend time reading the whole article? Instead of scanning the page for the actual information you want, you can ask the AI service to summarize it, or to look for specific details. This is most-easily done using Opera Browser, since you get contextual prompts, like Shorten this, What’s the main point or Explain briefly, when you highlight text or click the AI Prompts button in the address bar. This saves you from copy/pasting text into the AI chat. However, when you’re typing in the AI chat, here’s some tried and true questions that work well. For these, you’ll want to paste the text in quotes, or add a link to the URL after your request.
  • Can you explain this text in a couple sentences?
  • What are the key points in this text?
  • What’s the main point or thesis of this text?
  • What’s the evidence or source that supports this text’s argument?
  • What’s the timeline of events discussed in this text?
  • What is the author’s stance on [subject] in this text?

AI Prompts for generating unique content

Besides just explaining and finding content online, these AI generators are especially good at creating new content specific to your guidelines and intentions. In Opera Browser, just click the AI Prompts button in the address bar for prompts related to the exact page you’re on, like Compose a tweet for that Verge article, Compare to alternatives for an Amazon listing, or even Comment like Grumpy Cat. The possibilities really are limitless, and here are some other great examples you can use when you’re chatting with the AI.
  • Write a haiku about [subject].
  • Compose a funny tweet about [subject], with a hashtag.
  • Generate some ascii art of [creature or object].
  • Generate a conversation between the Hulk and Yoda.
  • Write a product description for a hoverboard.
  • Write a short story about [subject] in seven words.
  • Create a new word and define it.

Let’s start generating

There we go! Now that generative AI is at your fingertips, and in your browser, you can research, comprehend, generate new ideas, and have a great time doing it. Whether you’re trying to find answers to life’s toughest questions, searching for detailed information, or just need some entertaining distraction, there’s a prompt for what you need.

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