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How to get a license
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Aug 30, 2012
This topic will cover all major items in the creation of a new giveaway thread on MalwareTips Giveaways Forums. Intended for new and/or inexperienced members, this thread can be your guidelines if you wish to share some free goodies with our community.

Some important rules you need to remember before anything :

Read our Forum Rules
Only software giveaways are allowed. Abstain from posting anything else.

This is a security-focused forum, limit your giveaways to security, privacy, and system maintenance software.
Provide the link to the giveaway promotion site, the origin of the giveaway.

Check if the giveaway is already posted on our forums.

Head to Giveaways, Promotions and Contents Forum and click "Post Thread" button.


Giveaway Thread Title
Briefly describe what the giveaway is about. Example: Kaspersky Antivirus 2018 Giveaway. Phrases "Free license", "1 year for free" and similar are unnecessary.


Giveaway Prefix


Unlimited Giveaway - Giveaway that doesn't have any obvious time or license number limitations and the giveaway doesn't fall into any other subcategory below.
Ending Soon - Some sites hosts giveaways that last for one or for a couple of days only. Use this prefix for those.
Extended Trial - Licenses are usually distributed with a 1 year validation period. Use this prefix if the licenses given away are valid for 3,6,9 months for example.
Promotional - Paid products that became free during the promo period. Usually conducted around holidays.
External Giveaway - Contests hosted on other sites that are giving away 50 licenses minimum.
Free eBook - Books are one of the greatest treasures. Share it with no hesitation.


There's no need to thoroughly review a product that is on the giveaway. What the product is, it's key features and one screenshot is enough. You can additionally provide a product homepage and the direct download link for the product that is on the giveaway that can be found on the product home page.

If you've found the giveaway or promo that is sharing the license keys for certain product and you are sure that the shared license key is same for everyone you can post the license key in the description and put it in the spoiler.


Other Details




Happy sharing! :)

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