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Jul 14, 2019
Windows Edition
Version or Build no.
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Security Updates
Automatic Updates (recommended)
User Access Control
Network Security (Firewall)
3rd-party Firewall app by a trusted vendor
User Account
Malware Testing
I do not participate in downloading malware samples
Real-time Web & Malware Protection
Kaspersky Security Cloud Family (b)
RTP - Custom security settings
  • Minor changes for Increased security
  • RTP - Details of Custom security settings
    -Trusted Application Mode (TAM) - enabled
    Virus and Malware Removal Tools
    Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK)
    Browsers and Extensions
    Google Chrome:
    - Kasperksy Protection extension
    - Kaspersky Password Manager
    Privacy-focused Apps and Extensions
    - Kasperskt anti-banner and Private browsing enabled
    - Kaspersky Secure Conection (VPN)
    Password Managers
  • Kaspersky Password Manager
  • System Utilities
    Data Backup
    - Onedrive
    - Kaspersky Backup
    Frequency of Data backups
    Always-on Sync
    System Backup
    - Macrium Reflect Free
    Frequency of System backups
    Computer Activity
  • Online banking
  • Browsing web and email
  • Watch movies and other entertainment content on the Internet
  • Office and work related tasks
  • Computer Specifications
    ASUS VivoBook
    Intel® Core™ i7 8550U Processor
    NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 , with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM
    16 GB SDRAM
    256GB SATA 3.0 M.2 SSD


    Level 5
    Malware Tester
    Simple and effective setup. Just add an adblocker to your browser and you're set up.
    Kaspersky Anti-banner and private browsing modules do a good job because this laptop is only used to work, Kaspersky has an annoyance list and it does a good job blocking ads from youtube, that's all what I need :D.
    A really great configurations. Here are some changes I would do if I were you

    1- Replacing Kaspersky Secure Connection (Hotspot shield) with Windscribe
    2- Replacing CCleaner with Kerish Doctor.

    * These changes reflect my own opinion.
    Hello, thanks for the advices, I have tried windscribe free and it's very good, but since is 3 times more expensive, I decided to go for Kaspersky's VPN. The only reason to use the VPN for me is when I work on public wifi, so I think is fine.

    I haven't tried Kerish Doctor, I use Ccleaner because it's automatically updated with Kaspersky Software Updater as all my other software. I'll try Kerish in another pc, thanks.