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Dec 15, 2018
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cannot make UEFI USB AOMEI bootable drive
Steps taken, but unsuccessful?


Level 22
OK, what happens when you boot from that UEFI (GPT) USB, you just created? Did you try combinations :
  1. NTFS GPT / Secure Boot enabled
  2. NTFS GPT / Secure Boot disabled
  3. NTFS MBR / Secure Boot disabled
  4. FAT32 GPT / Secure Boot enabled
  5. FAT32 GPT / Secure Boot disabled
  6. FAT32 MBR / Secure Boot disabled
NTFS can't boot with Secure Boot enable in the BIOS according to my motherboard BIOS and Rufus warning. I haven't tried FAT32 MBR yet, but I will give it a try right now. If I choose MBR partition scheme, it will choose NTFS only, no FAT32 file type.

But DeepWeb post #14 method works fine with FAT32 GPT with Secure Boot enabled, and I am able to boot into the USB to perform a full disk restore for my laptop.
Did you guys figure it out? I had the same problem with AOMEI. Forget it!
What I ended up doing is I downloaded AOMEI PE Builder:
AOMEI PE Builder|Create Windows PE bootable disk, USB or CD/DVD, with AOMEI PE Builder

It will create an even better Windows PE bootable. Turn it into an .iso file. Then I used Rufus:
Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way
and flashed the iso to my USB.