Question I do not understand why Opera One does not allow this?

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Jul 8, 2012
Seriously, I do not understand why Opera One does not allow me to add my favourite search engine (Swisscow or Brave Search) as a new standard? Do not get me wrong, I currently use DDG in Opera, and it is good but in my opinion I get better results with Swisscows and Brave Search!? I can add them to Opera, but I can not set them as standard search engine. I would have to use their quick keys every time I would want to use either of those two.

And although it is just a bit weird that I can not set them as standard. I can not even edit one of the standard options for search engines, so that it can be replaced with either Swisscows or Brave Search. What do other people here that use Opera think about this?
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Apr 21, 2016
Opera One allows only certain search engines to be set as default due to security and partnership reasons. Unfortunately, Swisscows and Brave Search aren't on their list. However, you can still use them by entering their quick keys. Many users agree that it's inconvenient and hope for more flexibility in future updates.
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Apr 4, 2021
What do other people here that use Opera think about this?
That's why I disabled the search bar above the tiles. Unfortunately this is the price we pay for AI, VPN, Flow, Google Translate in the mobile version, etc. All of that takes money and that's why it's not in Vivaldi, but it is in Opera, which partners aggressively with advertisers and search engines.
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