IBM releases Osprey, World's most Powerful Quantum Computer


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Jul 27, 2015
IBM has unveiled the most powerful quantum processor in the world – the Osprey, which boasts a massive 433 quantum bits (qubits). The new chip headlines a raft of advances in quantum computers that the company has announced, as it prepares for a massive leap next year.

While they’ve served us well for decades, traditional computers are increasingly paling in comparison to those young upstarts, quantum computers. Where the former stores and processes data in binary bits, as zeroes and ones, the latter uses qubits that can be zero, one or both at the same time. This exponentially raises the processing power for each added qubit, allowing them to potentially perform calculations that are impossible for conventional computers. With the power of 433 qubits, IBM’s Osprey is the most advanced quantum processor in the world by a large margin. It packs twice as many qubits as the previous record-holder – Xanadu’s Borealis, which was tested with 216 qubits – and over three times more than IBM’s own Eagle, announced last year, which packed 127 qubits.

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Oct 3, 2022
Say goodbye to AES. DES encryption and your router's wimpy WPA2 passwords.
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