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IMGUR images not loading bug - topic here ..

Recently I've been having problems with IMGUR images upload (on IE 8 browser).

Latest update or version of Imgur - - after 10/10/2013 - is very buggy in IE 8 (and IE 9 maybe too ..).

I don't see comments of images, comments don't load.

Then too: I'm not able to upload any image, upload function no longer work.
After click on upload in my pictures window, I see little 'Upload images' window, that's all:

Upload images Imgur little window.jpg

In the IE 8 page with Imgur website, I once had the exclamation point (bottom left of the IE page):
Error on the page:
This object does not support this property or method: global.js Line: 10 Code: 0, Character: 10450
URI: -
- So it's JavaScript problem?

Have you recently seen this problem, please?

Other image sharers like and works good here in Internet Explorer 8.

IE 10 and SlimBoat works good with Imgur ..


PS. Why this topic I posted today October 17, 2013, has 'Nov 24, 2012' date on Google? - so Google is too buggy, not new .. Google search is very bad recently, I prefer other search engines ..
PS2: I see now, why this 'Nov 24, 2012' date: because Google censor copied the date from my precedent link I readed (maybe by translator?), before I made this topic on MT ..


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Say goodbye to IE8, or get left behind.

Source: The IE8 Countdown

This website is dedicated to watching Internet Explorer 8 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide, so more websites can choose to drop support for Internet Explorer 8, saving hours of work for web developers.
Read: Why we shouldn't support IE8 anymore

The web is advancing very quickly, and supporting older versions of Internet Explorer comes with some serious downsides.

It makes web development more expensive.

It makes some features and functions almost impossible to deliver.

It limits what you can do and the advantage you can take from better, more modern technologies supported by modern browsers.


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SlimBoat is set as default browser here, thank you Earth for your links very convincing.

Our topic about SlimBoat Web Browser:

But I don't removed IE 8 for now ..


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Here's a new one.

Google will drop support for IE9 users.


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Just thinking about korean guys if I am not wrong,their gov. brought the rule that all online payment should be done on ie,on other browser you can't do online shoping as active x is needed for that :D