InPrivate Desktop Sandboxing Technology coming to RS6


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Aug 30, 2012
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Microsoft Working on InPrivate Desktop Security Feature for Windows 10

Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 feature called InPrivate Desktop and specifically supposed to let users in an enterprise network run apps in a sandboxed environment.

The new feature would work similarly to a virtual machine that automatically resets every time it’s closed, without letting content from untrusted sources to alter system files in any way.

This means InPrivate Desktop could become a testing platform for applications coming from third-party sources that could harm the system, all without risking any damage. For example, running software that may be infected wouldn’t have any impact on a target computer, all because its files would be stored in a sandboxed environment without access to system files.

Recent findings have shown that Microsoft plans to introduce this feature in Windows 10 Enterprise, and a report claims that there’s a good chance it would debut with Windows 10 Redstone 6 in the spring of 2019.


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Nov 19, 2014
Assuming it's easy to use and not annoying then it might be an option for a lot to separate each application. Doubt it will be the case though.
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Nov 15, 2016
Would be cool indeed. Trying to convince my department over to Enterprise edition so we could possibly use this to our advantage in the future.


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Jan 31, 2018
Looks cool indeed. I still a bit confused as to how it will work. Will the pc be sandboxed all the time or just whatever app you are running?