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Insta360 is calling its new One X camera a GoPro Hero7 killer due to its advanced omnidirectional motion stabilization. But we think that might be underselling it, because no GoPro can get the crazy, Matrix-style slow-mo shots this thing can take when you throw it right through the action as you film. In form, it's not dissimilar to the first Insta360 camera we had a play with a couple of years ago: twin ultra-wide lenses either side of a compact, thin handle that looks something like an oversized cigarette lighter. But things have moved along some, as you'd expect. For starters, the new One X films in 5.7 K resolution at 30 frames per second (fps). Now, when it comes to presentation, even 4K is barely becoming relevant to the vast majority of users. But when you're filming 360-degree video, and then only presenting part of that image in the final output, resolution is king and every pixel counts. There are also now slow-motion modes – 50 fps at 4K and 100 fps at 3K – which sacrifice resolution for frame rates, but enable some absolutely ridiculous shots.