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"Apple has pulled an unknown number of mobile security apps from the iOS App Store as part of a new policy that takes exception to the ‘anti-virus’ and anti-malware’ software categories, Mac security firm Intego has revealed.

Working out exactly which apps have disappeared involves some detective work. Intego’s VirusBarrier iOS, launched in July 2011, is no longer available and a small number of other less well known apps – especially ones with the word ‘virus’ in their title – also appear to have vanished.

A few better-known ones still seem to be there, possibly because there were rebranded or reformulated at some point as more general security apps – the notion that they perform the anti-virus function is downplayed or no longer part of the product.

Symantec’s Norton Mobile Security is a backup and phone finder only, while McAfee Security does the same but adds a privacy vault. However, the latter’s McAfee Mobile Antivirus iOS is nowhere to be seen. It is not clear when it disappeared."

Where Did VirusBarrier iOS Go?

Apple has elected to eliminate the category of anti-virus and anti-malware products from their iOS App Store. As a result of this decision, our product VirusBarrier iOS is no longer available for sale.

All of our existing VirusBarrier iOS customers will continue to get their virus definition updates as they have been for as long as they own the product. These updates do not go through the App Store and are not affected.​

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