Intel launches 4 Tremont and 1 Sunny Cove core Lakefield hybrid processors


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Feb 4, 2016
Processors with a mix of cores are Intel's latest answer to the low-power chip question.

Intel has announced the launch of a pair of Lakefield processors, with the 5-core chips to consist of four Tremont cores for low-power usage, and one Sunny Cove core for burstable loads.
The processor is fabricated on 10nm technology and uses the chip giant's Foveros 3D packaging, which it said in December allows it to break components into "chiplets" to effectively stack them within a small footprint.

Intel said compared to a 14nm Core i7 8500Y processor, the Lakefield chips were up to 56% smaller for package area, up to 47% smaller for board size, and sucked down 91% less power, at 5.2mW on standby. The Lakefields are also able to convert video clips 54% faster compared to the i7 8500Y.

The new hybrid chips are aimed at low-power thin devices, such as dual-screen and foldable devices.
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