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Hackers in 2016 will launch attacks capable of reaching space just because they lack safety measures both satellite and terrestrial plants.

The alarm was launched by Intel Security and highlights how satellite Internet connections are increasing to make communications with any electronic equipment. Hackers can exploit precisely these connections attach the sites or to steal data to people.

Intel Security, in its report shows that the lack of security checks in aerospace technology may result in a large scale attacks from cybercriminals. Own experts warn: "increased use of satellites, for daily communications makes them a possible attack vector always more interesting».

To avoid such attacks would have to increase the security measures of the satellites and then rework a software can ensure secure connections encrypted by filtering all incoming data output through advanced firewalls. Such security measures would be very burdensome for aerospace companies such as not to allow a quick resolution of the problem.

Intel warns that Hackers increasingly sophisticated satellite brackets

"We have already seen examples of vulnerabilities within satellite networks and their use in order to gain by hackers," says Raj Samani, Cto of Intel Security for the Emea region. ' The use of low Earth orbit satellites for telecommunications infrastructure left us exposed to vulnerabilities, eavesdropping and invasion of privacy. Of these vulnerabilities – highlights the same – have already served hackers are exploiting commercial satellite telecommunications to hide their actions and control infrastructure, hiding from small businesses that are not able to find them via satellite infrastructures hacked».

Intel Security believes that satellite vulnerabilities are a reality and that attacks could increase exponentially had to take urgent measures to ensure the safety of people using the technology: "many vulnerabilities were documented and show that there were no safety measures in the principles of realization of such telecommunication systems It is vital that the aerospace industry recognizes this threat and state that the myth of impenetrable satellites is a myth. "

Inmarsat, company for the provision of mobile satellite communications services, including the United States and United Kingdom, stated that actually the satellites are not safe but would be at risk only those that are located at a distance of less than 40000 km. The same company in a statement said: "we serve Governments, who are demanding suppliers to demonstrate the safety satellite satellites that means for our Government, we qualify the requirements of information security.»

If a hacker were to take control of a satellite would be really a hard knock world skill saw that would be discovered on cryptographic code that would block the telecoms even on the Earth's surface.

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