which of these browser is the safest and fastest?

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It all depends on many factors to which browser is the fastest.
1. Some Add-ons or extensions will make browsers run slower, also too many will cause more resource usage.
2. Version of Windows. Some browsers will run faster on (Vista, 7, 8) while others will run slower.
3. System Hardware- CPU, motherboard, RAM, Display Adapter, etc. all play apart of how fast the browser will be, some hardware components will handle browsers differently.

You just can not say this browser is the fastest because it is the fastest on your system, on other systems it maybe the slowest.
On my desktop (Windows 7)- Maxthon Cloud Browser is the fastest but on my laptop (Windows 8), IE is the fastest. On my friends desktop (Windows 7 gaming system), Google Chrome is the fastest.

The safest browser is Google Chrome because of its large development team and all of the money put into keeping it patched.

Enjoy!! :D


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I aint used Chrome for a while but it was fast when i last used it i must admit at the moment i do get probs with Firefox but thats probs my addons. The websites sometimes lock up i have to hit refresh to fix it but i do use Sandboxie, Webroot, NVT and have a few plugins like AdGuard, BetterPrivacy, HTTPS Anywhere. So i couldent tell you the speed cus all that slows it right down :p


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I choose the 3 of them! I have a use for each one and obviously they are installed! Recently found that IE 11 is super faster than before on Windows 8.1 (at least) firefox I love for it security and chrome for it simplicity! As for which one is more secure between chrome and firefox.... that's a matter of debate for me.


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Although I've my leanings have colored me Chrome, I'd marked other as I'm using the latest stable version of Chrome portable version 35.xxxx(Littlebits is right, it updates so often I can't keep the numbers straight!) but, oddly, I'm writing now from Firefox 29.0.1:rolleyes: Hey, we all change our shoes sometimes too, don't we?!!!o_O ;):p:D
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