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    Introducing "Tags" for MalwareTips.com Community Members!

    OK, what is it?

    Tags are keywords that help identify the thread in a few words, and improve searchability of all contents. Think of it as an alternate to the traditional search terms, tags similar to the modern #Hashtag on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus.

    All members are allowed to add 3 key terms to their new and existing threads.

    Tags are easy to use, user friendly, and simpler than search.

    How to Search Tags?

    Visit Search Tags | MalwareTips.com

    How to Add Tags?

    Before posting a new topic! You can add up to 3 terms that describe your thread, the keywords are separated by the , (comma).
    ipad pro, apple ipad, ipad review,

    In certain circumstances Tags may be unavailable. Here are some possible reasons:
    • thread is closed / locked
    • no longer the original poster of the thread
    • moderated sub-forums
    • contains forbidden words
    Moderator Powers:

    Tags are visible to everyone and must abide by the Forum Rules. The Staff team are permitted to modify and delete tags that are not appropriate or non-beneficial.

    Zemana Anti-Malware 2.0 BETA
    • zemana, zemana anti-malware, zemana beta
    Identifies the vendor, what product of the vendor, relatable to other Zemana beta software.

    Hope this helps, enjoy! :cool:

    Last Updated: March 2017