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Level 7
Mar 25, 2021
IObit Protected Folder is an easy-to-use encryption tool to protect sensitive files or prevent them from being deleted. The data is not only encrypted but also hidden from other computer users.

This folder locker is easy to manage, just need to set a password, and then this password will be used to lock down these folders without any other support. Once someone wants to check or change the files, password access will be needed!

IObit Protected Folder 1.3 keeps locking your important data. Even if your PC is threatened by malicious attacks, without unlocking them by entering the password you set, your files can not be stolen and are kept safe still. Keep your private data and files to the program, the only way to get this information will be your password. No more worries about privacy leaking!

IObit Protected Folder Screenshot - Locked IObit Protected Folder Screenshot - Main Interface IObit Protected Folder Screenshot - Add Files Folders IObit Protected Folder Screenshot - Locker IObit Protected Folder Screenshot - Options