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IOBit has unveiled Driver Booster 2.0 Beta, a preview of the next major version of its driver update tool for Windows. The utility offers simple updating to free users, while a paid-for Pro version adds the ability to back up drivers along with faster download speeds and other enhancements.

Version 2.0 opens with an overhauled user interface, designed to make the program even simpler to use. Users also gain the ability to make the program semi-translucent via a Transparency slider in the program’s Settings menu.

The new build also introduces a separate Game driver database that provides access to popular software driver updates for improving gaming performance and stability. These are listed below the regular the driver updates and include peripheral hardware drivers as well as gaming components.

Driver Booster 2.0 Beta lets users access all of its functionality prior to the final release.

An online database update feature has also been added to ensure available drivers are always the latest version, while a smart installation mode has been added to provide distraction-free gaming in full screen.

The program also brings together its backup and restore features – normally limited to Pro users, but available to all users while in beta – under a new Rescue Center system. Also added is the option to selectively roll back driver updates where supported – click the arrow button next to a driver to access the feature.

Version 2.0 also gains the ability – enabled by default – to automatically check for driver updates for newly connected devices.

Performance has been improved too, thanks in part to smaller download packages for both the program itself and driver updates. As a result, version 2 comes with the promise of faster driver download speeds for both Free and Pro users.

Driver Booster 2.0 Beta is available now as a free download for PCs running Windows XP or later. The usual caveats about installing unfinished software apply, while all functionality is unlocked for free while the program remains in beta. Also available is Driver Booster 1.4 FINAL. Single-year Pro licenses can currently be purchased for $22.95 that cover three PCs.
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IOBit still giving out wrong drivers I see & even when I have drivers updated it still says I have "outdated drivers"
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IOBit still giving out wrong drivers I see & even when I have drivers updated it still says I have "outdated drivers"
My brother and my collage-mate had black screen problem after updating drivers with Dirver-booster. Windows was opening we can hear sound of open but we cannot see anything on the screen! Agree to you.
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Megan K

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After the last time I used an earlier version of this program, I couldn't play video or run any Adobe graphics programs for two weeks. In those two weeks, I spent at least 4-9 hours a day trying to fix the problem. Damn near took a system restore to be able to watch a movie!

Thanks, but no thanks. My only suggestion to people thinking of trying this program is to run away from it (and anything IObit) as fast as they can.