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Apple’s next major iOS update, iOS 13, will feature a system-wide dark mode and numerous enhancements to productivity on the iPad, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The dark mode will span across Apple’s built-in iOS apps and make for less eye strain at night or when people are using their iPhones in dark conditions.

iPad users will undoubtedly be more excited about new multiwindow support for apps, which could be a major boost to the multitasking capabilities of Apple’s tablet. 9to5Mac says that each of those windows will be able to have their own “sheets” that, while initially anchored to the main window, can be detached and moved freely around on the screen as a card. Those cards can be stacked and quickly switched between, according to the report. This all sounds a little complex, but it will probably make much more sense when Apple gives a demo at its WWDC keynote. Users can also expect Apple to make it easier to select multiple items in a list.

Other iOS 13 improvements include a new undo gesture that won’t require you to frantically shake your device like a weirdo. Instead, Apple will transition to a three-finger swipe gesture, whereby swiping left will undo and swiping right will redo. The volume level indicator won’t be as obtrusive and in your face anymore, which is another welcome change.

Apple is also making changes to the Mail app, font management, and it should bring more collaboration enhancements when multiple users are working on a document in the same app. For the full breakdown, definitely check out 9to5Mac’s report.


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iOS 13 is a major software update by all means for both old and new iPhones, and the list of features coming to users with this release is impressive, to say the least.

One of the refinements that Apple is working on as part of iOS 13 concerns the Wi-Fi support and the hotspot feature of the iPhone.

Apple says that iPhones will come with full support for WPA3, which is the latest and most secure wireless network standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. In other words, your iPhone will be able to connect to a WPA3 network just fine after the update to iOS 13.

Furthermore, Apple will introduce a new option that will allow iPhones to keep an eye on the Wi-Fi networks around them and determine which one is being used. You’ll get a notification if a network is available, and this should help guarantee seamless connection on the go.

Hotspot tweaks
When it comes to the hotspot feature that’s already available on the iPhone, Apple has several ideas in mind to improve the experience with it.

And one of them is called automatic personal hotspot, which means your nearby devices can automatically connect to a hotspot set up on an iPhone when no other Internet connection is available.

The same thing for family devices, as they can also look for a nearby iPhone and connect to its hotspot if their Internet connect is lost.
iOS 13 also introduces the concept of persistent personal hotspot on the iPhone.

“Remain connected to your nearby iPhone personal hotspot even when your device sleeps, so you can receive incoming messages and push notifications,” as per the Apple description.
iOS 13 is projected to go live for all supported iPhones in September this year, but developers can already try out the very first beta.


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If you’re a big fan of 3D Touch on the iPhone, like I am, you’re in for a big disappointment this coming September.

Apple’s new iOS 13, which is supposed to bring so many welcome improvements, including a dark mode, will essentially mark the end of 3D Touch as we know it.

And the first beta of the new operating system provides us with a quick look at how Apple wants to get rid of this feature on new-generation iPhones, but also to disable it on older models.

Basically, the pressure-sensitive displays on the iPhone will become just an obsolete piece of technology once iOS 13 ships, as Apple wants to use a software system similar to the one on the iPhone XR to replace the hardware-based 3D Touch.

New system already available on iPhone XR
Just like on Android devices, users will be able to invoke 3D Touch options, like Peek and Pop and Home Screen Quick Actions, with nothing more than a long-press gesture. For example, a long-press on the icon of an app will display quick actions available for that app, all without the need for pressing harder on the screen, as it’s currently the case on 3D Touch-capable devices.

The long-press gesture will also generate a short vibration that will more or less simulate the experience with 3D Touch.

But as 9to5mac notes, iOS 13 removes some of the speed and convenience powered by 3D Touch, as a long press isn’t necessarily as fast as a harder press on the screen. While I think this is more or less just a matter of getting used to the new system, Apple is clearly aiming for more consistency here, while also gaining more room inside an iPhone by removing the components previously used for 3D Touch.

In other words, beginning with the debut of iOS 13 this September, all iPhones should feature 3D Touch-like gestured powered by this new software-powered capability. This means devices like iPhone SE will finally get advanced interaction despite the lack of 3D Touch hardware.


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Supporting custom fonts in iOS has been an oft-requested feature by some for years, and Apple is finally going to introduce support later this year.

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple officially confirmed that it is bringing support for custom fonts to iOS 13. Not only that, but the company is also making it easy to download, install, and manage them.

Here is what to expect from the new feature in iOS 13 set to debut this fall.

Custom fonts
This the easy part. Apple says that iOS 13 now supports custom fonts. This means after you install them on your supported iOS device, you can use those custom fonts in your “favorite apps”. That’s as much detail as Apple gives in this regard, unfortunately, so if there are caveats the company doesn’t list them.

App Store and management
Getting custom fonts on your iOS device running iOS 13 will be pretty easy, too: Apple is making it possible to download and install your favorite options right from the App Store.

Once you download and install them, iOS 13 makes it easy to manage them, too. Apple says you’ll be able to see and change your custom fonts from within the stock Settings app.

Checking the boxes
With iOS 13, Apple is serving a lot of people in the demands that have been put out there. The company is obviously adding plenty of big changes and features, including Dark Mode. However, these smaller elements have been requested by iOS users for quite some time as well. The company is basically check-marking as many boxes as it can as it continues to evolve iOS and the platform matures.

Is having support for custom fonts something you’ve been hoping to see in iOS for awhile? Or is this something that comes as a pleasant surprise, and a feature you plan on using quite a bit?


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Many good things in IOS 13 but we will have to wait:it does'nt ship till sometime this september! :(:cry: