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Iran planning Halal or "clean" internet for you all ..

Iran planning to cut internet access to rest of world : on :

'Iran is drawing up plans to cut off its internet users from the rest of the world with a so-called Halal or "clean" internet.'

'Ali Khamenei, the most powerful man in Iran .. has denounced the internet as sinful and a means for the West to wage "soft war" by invading Iranian culture.

But his real target is anti-regime activists who have relied on the internet since the failure of the "Green Revolution" which followed the disputed 2009 election. Since then security has been so tight on Iran's streets that protests are broken up almost as soon as they start.

When the system, called Halal internet or National Internet by the regime, is introduced this summer only a few approved and carefully monitored businesses and government departments will have access to the World Wide Web.' ..


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This will never happen. How will they be able to cut the internet for the rest of the world? Think, first you will have to send it to ALL the ISP providers and see if it will work and even then sometimes there will be people that still have internet because the ISP they are with they have not attacked them. It's pysically impossible to do.


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I assume that "clean internet" in Iran will not consist of rape victims being stoned to death, clitorectomies, and imam's taking pre-puberty girls for wives--the religio-political totalitarian hypocracy in Iran is astounding.
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