Is it worth it to buy Kerish Doctor?

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One key feature I like about Kerish, which I don't think anyother optimization software has, is the ability to rollback actions. So if you feel there's any issue after using it you can simply rollback what you did with Kerish.

So far I haven't read Kerish causing any issue which could not be easily resolved by its rollback feature.

Of course it always recommended to have a backup just in case.
CCleaner allows to save registry setting before cleaning so you can go back if something went wrong.

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For me is good product but have somethings i dont like
1.- I dont know how their malware protection works and because i dont know how can it interfer whith my security config.
2.- The licences the licences start to run when they are created generally i catch giveaways some time i ask they if they can extend my trial licence if i buy a comercial one and the answer is no. Another developers allow me that whitout problems.
3.- I turn paranoid about registry cleaners. Never have any issue but maybe i have....if continue use it
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From experience. Just because Kerish detects something doesn't necessarily mean it will remove it. I have seen occasions where it detects something and after clicking 'fix' it is automatically added to the 'Ignore list'

After that the file/registry is no longer detected. How does Kerish determines something must be added to Ignore list? No idea. It is something I'm curious about.

Kerish also seems to 'grow' accustomed to your PC over time.

Was that a full scan with all setting enabled? There should be a list of categories indicating what it detected.

The first scan always detects a lot by the way. It did whenever a reinstall the program.


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A couple of weeks ago, I was having all sorts of issues opening downloads. fought tooth and nail to figure it out. Just about ready for a fresh install. Then, I noticed I had Kerish Doctor icon on my desktop :unsure:. Double clicked, and opened it. (GOTD thing from this past summer). Let it do its thing. After a boatload of "fixes" hours of stress were gone. I'm a believer. Picked up a couple $9.95 3x1 (or so) keys.(y)
Voted yes. (y)


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I have had Kerish Doctor for over a year and lately it has been screwing up my system badly, preventing Vivaldi browser from functioning, changing registry values without permission, interfering with Windows placements, etc.

I have had to stop using it.
Did using Kerish's rollback feature helped with your issue? Also, can you add Vivaldi to exclusions? I believe they added the ability to manually exclude stuff a while back.