Q&A Is Malwarebytes version 3 fixed yet?

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Level 10
Jan 29, 2017
Is Malawarebytes 3 fixed yet from all the bugs ? Is it safe to go back to ?
The "old bugs" are gone, now replaced by new bugs. Latest consumer grade fails include:
  • incompatibility w/Windows Server (rumored to be solved)
  • XP incompatibility (BSOD) - workaround requires turning off self-protection
  • upgrade removes "old version"; doesn't install "latest version" (must install manually)
  • incompatible with most file/script compilers (compiled files quarantined)
  • installer is incompatible w/ram drives hosting Temp folders
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware tray icon now appears in Alt-Tab due to excess resource use fix
Realistically, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is still in beta. And still, there is no demonstration of malware/ransomware protection. What's not to like?


Level 1
Aug 1, 2017
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
On my PC malwarebytes runs problem free. I'm still waiting for a nice test report. So far it seems that will take a while.
@Quassar That was probably from breast cancer awareness. A pink ribon is the logo and name of a breast cancer awareness organization. I think that was why everything was pink when you took your screenshot.
Jul 6, 2015
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
I wish i could use v2 .2 again but i get fed up with the nagging update available popup