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Microsoft pushed out Windows 10 build 10240 yesterday to Windows Insider users which is the RTM build of the operating system.

Along with the announcement came the claim that the new default browser of the system, Microsoft Edge, is blazing fast and beating Chrome and Safari on JavaScript performance benchmarks.

Microsoft stated that Edge was beating Chrome on Sunspider by 112%, on Google Octane by 11%, and on Apple JetStream by 37%.

No mentioning of other browsers such as Firefox by the company; reason enough to run the tests on a local system using the following web browsers and specs:

Web Browsers
All web browsers were run with default configurations.
  1. Microsoft Edge (part of Windows 10, not available standalone)
  2. Google Chrome Stable
  3. Google Chrome Canary
  4. Mozilla Firefox Stable
  5. Mozilla Firefox Nightly
  6. Pale Moon Stable
  7. Opera Stable
  8. Vivaldi Technical Preview 4
The main specs of the machine
  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30 GHz
  2. Memory: 8 Gigabyte of DDR3 RAM
  3. GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  4. Hard Drive: Corsair Force GT 180 GB Solid State Drive SATA 3
  5. Operating System: Windows 10 Build 10240
The benchmarks
  1. Apple JetStream (higher better)
  2. Google Octane (higher better)
  3. Mozilla Kraken (lower better, time in milliseconds)
  4. Peacekeeper (higher better)
  5. SunSpider 1.0.2 JavaScript Benchmark (lower better, time in milliseconds)
  6. WebXPRT 2015 (higher better)
The results

The computer was idle while benchmarks were run. Still, some results were puzzling, for instance that Chrome Stable beat Chrome Canary in some benchmarks, that Firefox Stable performed better in all benchmarks than Nightly, or that Pale Moon failed on Apple's JetStream benchmark (it got stuck while running the cdjs test).

Most results are fairly close when you compare them but there are a couple of exceptions:

  1. Microsoft Edge dominates the Apple JetStream and SunSpider benchmark.
  2. Edge's PeaceKeeper performance was weak by a large percentage.
  3. Pale Moon performed considerably worse than other browsers in most -- but not all -- benchmarks.
There is more to a browser than JavaScript performance, especially if the differences in performance are not that noticeable in the real-world.

Microsoft has been right that Edge performs better than Chrome in the browser's the company selected for comparison. It did not perform as well in others though and here it is Peacekeeper more than any other benchmark where it performs badly.

Is Edge the fastest browser on Windows 10 then? The results leave little doubt that Microsoft has improved the performance of the default Windows browser by a lot but since Edge is not beating all browsers in all benchmarks, it cannot be said that it is the fastest browser on Windows 10.
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