Q&A Is sandboxie safe enough for malicious site video streaming


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Jun 11, 2019
Sorry for lacking knowledge.
What is Tails and how do you use it to track and see if any infections?
Tails, formerly known as Incognito Live CD / USB, only supports live boot from media and provides users with an ideal environment to surf the Internet anonymously. The system is based on the Debian GNU / Linux distribution and uses Tor technologies. When using Tails, all data transmitted during the session is encrypted and anonymized using the Tor network, no traces of activity remain on the host computer unless you configure Tails otherwise. The system uses modern open source cryptographic technologies to encrypt all session data, including e-mail messages, instant messaging client communications, and personal files. However, you wrote that you want to use Windows 10. Then you just have to use a virtual machine, as the users advised in the comments above.


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Nov 18, 2021
I definitely suggest you to use a VM, e.g., VirtualBox, instead.
Sandboxie is better than nothing in regards to protection but unsafe to use for malware contact on a regular basis, which is what seems to be the case here.

The reasons are described in papers like these:

I am not aware what new features were implemented since these papers were published, but the most interesting takeaway of that: The weaknesses it has are by design of that technology. They cannot just be eradicated.
--> see first paper: "Type A sandboxes by design, are vulnerable to a relatively large attack surface."
Sandboxie is a type A sandbox.
If we use a user password with restrictions, can the kernel malware still exploit the kernel?