Gal Levi

Level 1
so I recently downloaded the Zemana antimalware, and I really liked it.
however, I now installed the Zemana AntiLogger, and I cant open the antimalware anymore. anytime I try, it says "Upsssssss! antimalware is already installed on the computer. would you like to run it?", and if I press Yes, the AntiLogger pops up.

does this mean that the AntiLogger is now my antimalware program? so is the antimalware included inside of it?

Their website says nothing about this, but, the price for the AntiLogger is higher than the price for the antimalware. it seems weird to me that an AntiLogger will cost more than an antimalware, so is this an evidence that the AntiLogger includes them both?

BTW, incase you misunderstood, I'm not asking about differences between general antimalwares and AntiLoggers.