Question Is there a free browser vpn for windows? Proton vpn can only has a desktop version

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Feb 25, 2017
If you're gonna use a free VPN juts for the browser, use Opera's built-in one.
I don't know why you keep recommending Opera. In the past there were shared many different articles about the privacy concerns and the sketchy history of Opera. Most people use a VPN for privacy reasons. If that's the best approach is questionable. But Opera "VPN" defenitely doesn't offer any privacy to its users.


Marko :)

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Aug 12, 2015
ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested Thats bad. I'll keep that in mind.

Pricing . ProtonVPN is still Currently saying they don't keep logs for their free vpn service. You'd think they would learn from their sister business and really keep no logs this time?

I can't comment about whether ads are shown if using their vpn app - I am on Linux, and Gnome has openvpn built in, so naturally I went the app-free way and used their server definition config files. I don't want extra apps to broaden my attack surface.

Since their ads are only trying to sell their for-pay services, that is understandable. They are not showing commercial ad's urging you to drink Coca-Cola. I wouldn't say that they have a business model that promotes things and then take them away. Moving around servers to a different cheaper country is just business optimization - you have to remember that the service is free, so they have to lower costs when there is opportunity to do so.

Take advantage of their free servers by using workarounds like installing OpenVPN app for Windows. Maybe their free service will go away entirely later, who knows. But there exists a good thing while it lasts. If they are true to their original goal - provide security for all , then this free vpn service will stay.
I understand that this is all business and that no breakfast is free. But when you promise something, you don't take that away. Give customers what you promised and don't play games.

I know that everything Proton offers costs them, including VPN. They mention on their site that free plan is financed by premium users. That's alright and means Proton has premium user base large enough to make a profit. That doesn't mean they have to limit their service for free users more and more. This just shows they only care for profit, nothing else.

"No ads" means no ads. It doesn't matter if the ad shows Coca-Cola or their own product. Ad is ad.

I'm just wondering that if I set up OpenVPN with their config, do I get ability to choose servers or it's just random location each time?

Victor M

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Oct 3, 2022
I'm just wondering that if I set up OpenVPN with their config, do I get ability to choose servers or it's just random location each time?
When you use OpenVPN, you import Each server's config definition - ip address, protocol used etc. So you have to go to ProtonVPN's account page and download all the server definitions files that you want. And then import them one by one into OpenVPN. And thus, you will be only gong to those servers that you have imported definition configs for.
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Zero Knowledge

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Dec 2, 2016
Same post, different year, and a different day. But same question!

1) Free is crap they data mine, you to subsidize the service 2) Subscriptions to decent Vpn's are cheap you should buy one 3) Look for a deal or special Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Even the Washington Post and other mainstream media companies now have articles about Vpn's. Not hard to get informed.

If you need Vpn in thee browser just check Vpn official website, awhile back some supplied a web proxy that you can launch/browse from the browser. But would you trust it? Probably not!

If you really want take a risk Google is your best friend! I haven't looked in 15 years but there used to be free web proxy sites that you could use to brwose, wouldn't trust them because there is no way to know if they are not sniffing data. You would have to think so, i guess these days someone''s Minecraft details is profitable :p ???
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Jan 6, 2022
I used Proton free for a few years (ever since I signed up for their free email account) and P2P on the free VPN has always been blocked. The payed for version has no blocks, however I use Mullvad and find it works great for my humble needs. especially as I can pay monthly for it.
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