Saw a post about someone wanting to use another-software to update existing software, but they deleted my post. So I think it's unsafe to use it without one, is that true? Is it safer to use a third-party software updater?

Eddie Morra

An official updater by the vendor of a software product is always going to be safer than a third-party software updater because the official vendor is going to know more about any changes they make for their software with more accuracy.

Third-party software updaters are convenient for a lot of people when they are using software which does not support automatic updates by-default (or if it is a paid-only feature and the free version is being used), are using a lot of software which supports manual update checks only and they are too lazy to do this regularly, or for people who are actively using a lot of software in general and thus it'd be more convenient to run one scan and update process to perform it for all.