issue with "" tabs opening themselves

Operating System
MacOS Big Sur Version 11.0
Current issues and symptoms
self-opening tabs labeled as opening every minute and various other random sites, including ones selling things, ones with articles about self care??? and streaming sites?
Affected Browser
  1. Safari
  2. Google Chrome
Browser Settings: Homepage and Default Search Engine
Default Search Engine: Google Chrome
Browser Extensions
Had a free adblocker on Chrome, deleted it because I couldn't verify it was safe


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Apr 1, 2021
So I have a Macbook Pro with an apple chip that at some point came into contact with some kind of malware. I've done some amount of research but I haven't really found anything (that I understand) on what I'm dealing with. I have unwanted random tabs opening themselves in my browsers, I usually use google chrome but it got so annoying I switched to safari, and the problem persists there. The tab that opens the most often is labelled as "" and occasionally I also get random articles or bootleg-amazon type sites. While I was trying to figure out what was causing me problems, I noticed a search engine I am not familiar with, that is called QSearch, and although I deleted it from my list of browsers, I think it is still related to the problem. However, I can't find any reliable malware removal, and I need help.

(I hope I filled out the info correctly)
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May 5, 2015

1. Go to the following link, download and install.
Malwarebytes for Mac

2. Run Malwarebytes for Mac.
3. Follow the next link to restore Chrome to it's defaults:
Restore Chrome

4. Click on Go in Finder, then click on "Go to" and type ~\Library.. A new Finder window opens:
Caches> Safari folder
Caches>Metadata> Safari folder
Cookies> Cookies.plist file
Preferences> file (preferences)

I mean, enter into Caches and delete Safari folder, and so on.

Restart your mac. Let me know how it results.
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