K12 online schooling giant pays Ryuk ransomware to stop data leak


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Aug 17, 2014
Online education giant K12 Inc. has paid a ransom after their systems were hit by Ryuk ransomware in the middle of November.

K12 creates tailored online learning curriculums for students to learn from home while in kindergarten through 12th grade. Over 1 million students have utilized K12 to learn from home rather than in traditional public school environments.

K12 announced this week that they suffered a ransomware attack in mid-November that caused them to lock down some of their IT systems to prevent the attack's spread.

"In mid-November, we detected unauthorized activity on our network, which has since been confirmed as a criminal attack in the form of ransomware. Upon identifying unusual system activity, we quickly initiated our response, taking steps to contain the threat and lock down impacted systems, notifying federal law enforcement authorities, and working with an industry-leading third-party forensics team to investigate and assist with the incident," K12 told BleepingComputer in a statement.