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Have you tried some memory wipe procedure using Dism++? I think Windows 10 is R2 droid needing memory wipes for perfect working.
Clean old SxS files, update cache, update history, assembly and .net cache. Reboot the machine and compile ngen with update argument for both x86 and x64 archs and you might get some options back in Settings or you should see better/faster compile times(its only a minute faster, though!)
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I just rolled back KB4462933

What a trainwreck!!!! Uninstall that update. Massively broken, extreme CPU overhead and lag. Can this company get anything right??
What do you mean? I haven't notice any lag so far. Any process consuming a lot CPU? If so, which one?


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New problem with KB4462933 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 - after installing this patch, I did my normal shutdown (Start>Power>Shutdown) at the end of the day with 100% battery, when I try to switch on in the morning there is 0% battery. After doing a little investigation, something in this update is consuming huge amounts of power when the machine is "off" - the device is getting really hot and the battery goes from 100% to 75% in under 10 minutes.

Solution was to uninstall KB4462933, now eveything is back to normal - battery 100% last night at power down, still 100% this morning at switchon - Good job Microsoft another half a day of my life wasted and on your own device as well!
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